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Self-Sabotage Is Not the Enemy

It's the Key to a Richer, Fuller, More Abundant Life.

Moments of self-sabotage feel terrible.

We judge ourselves or others, make bad decisions and often hurt ourselves or those around us.

But if we know how to work with them they become one of our most powerful tools to create the kind of life we can feel good about.

A life that we actually want. 

To find out more about how to do this in a way that feels good, book a 30-minute Discovery Session below

The negative impact of self-sabotage

Self-sabotage transformed

  •  Self-doubt
  •  Poor productivity
  •  Damaged relationships
  •  Lack of effectiveness
  •  Lowered self-esteem
  •  Feeling like a victim
  •  Shutting down & withdrawing
  •  Perfectionism
  •  Fear of self-expression
  •   Clear thinking & creative flow
  •   Effective action
  •   Living from our 'why'
  •   Lightness of spirit
  •   Compassion towards self and others
  •   Increased resilience
  •   Increased emotional range 
  •   Pleasure in self-expression
  •   More balanced & abundant energy

Take charge of the creative moment

The creative moment is the only moment where we have real power.

It is the place in us where our best ideas, most effective actions and the aliveness of our 'calling' come from. 

It is the moment where we have the power to choose, the power to determine our path and our way forward in a way that builds authentic self-esteem. 

This is the basis for a rich, wholehearted life that we feel good about.

When we're hijacked by self-sabotage we lose access to the power of the creative moment. 

No matter what our past is or what is happening in our lives, the creative moment is always available to us. 

It cannot be destroyed. It never goes away fully (although it can feel like it has).

But it can be covered up.

This covering up is what we experience as self-sabotage. And as the loss of direction, motivation, effectiveness and self-compassion. 

But as we start to understand the landscape of our self-sabotage, we can begin to take charge of the creative moment and move back into the creativity of our true state of being.

How we manage our self-sabotage directly correlates to how fully we can reach our full potential. 


You spend too much time in saboteur hijack

You value your personal development and creativity highly and know just how powerful real change is

Even in times of great success, you experience doubt and self-criticism

You care about the world and the impact you're having on it

Being true to yourself is important to you

You want balanced and harmonious relationships

You want to feel emotiionally balanced and regulated 

NOT you

Something about attitude towards personal growth

You see growth solely as a means to an end

You're driven only by performance, competition & results

Want results even if they cause pain to others 

You don't enjoy learning new things

Being true to yourself and expressing yourself authentically isn't something you value / important to you 

Working with me

What could happen if you started living and acting from a place where you recognise just how amazing you are?

If you could experience the unique you that lies behind your past and any struggles you may be facing in your life?

These are the key questions that motivate all my work.

While everyone is unique, our work tends to focus on three key areas.

Becoming aware of the unique landscape of your self-sabotage

Building the personalised maps that enable you to navigate the specific challenges of your saboteur landscape

Using these maps to transform our self-sabotage into the stepping stones that help you embody your true creative potential- with all the delight that brings

One to One

One-to-one work is best suited if you are in crisis, need to work confidentially or want to go fast and deep. It allows me to gear all aspects of our work together to your needs. To find out whether my approach could be suitable, you can book a Discovery Session here. 

Group Work

The entry point for group work with me is the 6-week Positive Intellgence progam. This provides an excellent foundation for any saboteur work and for the longer-term group work that I do. To get on the waitlist for the next Positive Intelligence course please click here. 

                         About me

25+ years working in the world of complementary health and personal development 

Expert in self-sabotage and how to find the way back to true authentic growth and creativity

Trauma-informed with extensive experience in Somatic work, Nervous System Regulation & other modalities

Deep respect & trust in the individual

Living in the midlands of England with my long-term partner who is recovering from serious illness.

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